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A little about me


Photography became an obsession for my whilst I was studying to be a Park Ranger (over 25 years ago!).  I started capturing the beauty in the Parks with film and thats when I got the travel bug, I travelled around Australia taking photos (the rest is in my artist profile:


I started wedding photography seriously when I realised people were interested in having the natural setting as a part of the photograph.  I photographed my Husbands sister’s wedding in a professional manner and was really happy with the results.  I then started wedding photography professionally.  I am still amazed by the magical photos I capture!  I love being part of a very special day, every one is happy and excited and look great! 


The Process: I like to get to know you and your fiancé, hopefully get to meet you both before the big day and maybe go on a little photo shoot to get you used to the camera and my style of photography. 

On the day I spend up to 2 hours with you taking photos of you and your loved ones as they help you get ready; taking photos of the special details you have chosen for your day (i.e. dress, flowers, shoes…).

During the ceremony I blend in and capture moments. 

I like to do the Photo shoot with bride and groom in natural settings. Why natural?   I find that nature relaxes people, including me. I also like using rustic houses etc as a backdrop… becuase of the textures and contrasts. 

I like to have a bit of fun with the wedding party, again it helps everyone relax and be themselves.


I like to take a lot of my photos from a distance, this also helps you to relax and be natural with each other, this is when I can get my best shots.  I also like distance photos as the effects are great (out of focus background, focus on you guys). 


After the wedding I like to play with different filters and effects to create art from your photos.


I enjoy taking photos!  I love it when I know I have captured a special moment.  I like incorporating wedding photography into my nature photography as it gives the photos another dimension. 


Other than taking photos I am an artist of other mediums; I create art with oils, pastels, and graphite pencil. 

I also run art classes for adults and children.

I am a mother and wife and I love my native garden and Gallery on our farm at Mystic Park.




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